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St. Francis' Trial, a new carillon work for peace by Jo Coenen

On October 4, St. Francis’ Day, the Franciscan community remembers that 800 years ago, St. Francis had a remarkable meeting with Al Kahmil, the Sultan of Egypt. In the midst of the Fifth Crusade, the two spiritual leaders talked about the importance of peace in the world. Impressed by the wisdom and tolerant attitude of the sultan, St. Francis called his fellow brothers to spread the spirituality of peace and brotherhood and inspired by the Muslim’s Adhan, call for prayer, he asked  the Christian community to ring the bells for prayer. 

Therefore, the Franciscan community launches the action Franciscan Call 4 Peace, a worldwide call to ring the bells for peace on October 4 at 2 pm, the time of the Muslim prayer. On that day, meetings will be organized between Christians and Muslims in order to enhance mutual dialogue and hospitality.

On the occasion of the call, Leuven composer Jo Coenen wrote the carillon work St. Francis’ Trial. In this piece two calls for prayer are placed into dialogue: a Gregorian Angelus melody and a Muslim Adhan melody. We offer you this remarkable work, that gives expression to the idea of inter-religious dialogue, as a valuable addition to your carillon repertoire. 

Of course, you are welcome to perform the piece on October 4 as part of the Franciscan Call 4 Peace. In that case, you can register your initiative on



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